The Heart of the Matter.

Animation Assistant



The Heart of the Matter is an exhibition that brings together art and medicine to reflect on the human heart.

Created by artist Sofie Layton and bioengineer Giovanni Biglino the exhibition invites audiences to discover the extraordinary nature and complexity of the heart through 3D printing, digital animation, printed textiles, sound installation, and sculpture.

24.03-06.05.18 — Great North Museum: Hancock, Newcastle

14.07-19.08.18 — RWA and Centrespace Gallery, Bristol

22-23.09.18 — Digital Design Weekend, V&A, London

01-11.11.18 — Copeland Gallery, London

Conceived by the artist Sofie Layton and the bioengineer Giovanni Biglino

Producers: Anna Ledgard, Nicky Petto, Susie Hall

Music Composer: Jules Maxwell

Lead Animator: Babis Alexiadis